Parking Patrol Vehicles

Parking patrol vehicles is a specific task utility vehicle designed and engineered to navigate in space-conscious locations with ease. Go 4 has been used since the 1990s as a parking enforcement tool for cities such as Seattle and San Francisco. A parking patrol vehicle is a three-wheel, motorcycle utility vehicle. It has four-cylinder engines designed by Mazda, 3 wheel disk brakes, and a top speed of 70 mph.

These take much less space in a street lane at just 54 inches wide. Such vehicles are the working horse of many of the parking agencies. Parking patrol vehicles are suitable for police departments, event patrols, parking enforcement agencies, security patrols, university campuses, airports, golf courses, and more. Go 4 vehicle series includes The Go 4 EV, the four MAXX wheel, the XTF Refuse Hauler, the original Go 4, Go 4 flatbed, and Go 4 van body.

Parking patrol vehicles have a wide range of features including sensors, air conditioning, luxury air seats, and backup cameras. These vehicles are extremely efficient with a 1.0 L engine with 66 horsepower, averaging up to 45 MPG. Our vehicles have automatic four-speed transmission. Braking- hydraulic disk braking with dual circuit master cylinder parking on all three wheels. Heavy-duty 70 amps charging (minimum vehicle alternator). One passenger before and after with headrest adjustable back. Adjustable tilt steering wheel with horn mounted in the center.

We are a family business focused on product innovation and quality production. Westward has a strong track record of specific vehicle design and manufacture for specific tasks. Our Go 4 vehicle adapts too many conditions, giving the different departments a cost-effective and practical solution while providing flexibility and performance not offered with standard vehicles. We are keen and passionate about continuing to build this long-lasting brand.

Our mission is to turn even our first-time customers into satisfied long-term customers. Westward industries are committed to offering the best possible goods to our consumers at regularly affordable rates. We are excited and keen to continue developing this long-lasting brand.

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